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NHS Trusts slow to use Accessible Information Standard

It’s been nearly a year since Healthwatch England launched the Your Care, Your Way campaign to highlight that everyone should receive healthcare in a format they need while calling to improve the Accessible Information Standard (AIS). Healthwatch Portsmouth has supported this campaign locally, asking Portsmouth Hospitals Trust to let us know how they have implemented the AIS.

In 2021 NHS England undertook a review of the adoption of the AIS and welcomed Healthwatch England's recommendations. However, it’s now a year later, and we still don’t know when the review will be published or how the NHS will implement changes to improve the AIS.

That’s why Healthwatch England have written publicly to NHS England, calling on them to publish the review of the AIS and clarify how they will take forward its recommendations.

  • In early February, Healthwatch England published an open letter to NHS England (NHSE) to express their disappointment at the lack of progress on a review of the legally-binding Accessible Information Standard. #YourCareYourWay

  • People continue to experience barriers to accessing care because they don't receive information in a format they need. That's why Healthwatch England wrote a letter calling on NHSE to clarify how they’re going to improve the Accessible Information Standard

  • If people can't get information about their healthcare in a format they understand, this can put them at risk.

We will let you know if Healthwatch England receive a response to their letter from NHSE.

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