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National suicide strategy sets out plan to cut deaths in at-risk groups

The Government pledge to reduce England’s suicide rate within 2 and a half years with launch of new national suicide prevention strategy.

Key objectives are to:

  • reduce the suicide rate over the next 5 years – with initial reductions observed within half this time or sooner

  • improve support for people who have self-harmed

  • improve support for people bereaved by suicide.

Key commitments for the NHS include:

  • ensuring that patients receive good-quality follow-up support within 72 hours of being discharged from inpatient mental health settings

  • improving the quality and culture of inpatient services

  • establishing a clearer national picture on suicides by children, young people and autistic adults, to inform future policy

  • inviting charities and voluntary organisations to bid for money from a new £10m grant fund over the next two years to deliver suicide prevention services.

Read more about the strategy on GOV.UK.

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