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Maternity services at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust go digital to transform care

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust (PHU) has changed the way it delivers maternity care for women across Portsmouth and South East Hampshire with the implementation of a new digital system, Badgernet Maternity. From Monday 22 February, pregnant women will be able to access their personalised care plans online and via app. This also means that newly pregnant women will no longer need to go through their GP and instead self-refer online. Women are invited to download the My Maternity Notes app to access care plans, information leaflets, set up appointment reminders and send questions to their midwife for non-urgent support. This has been an ongoing project with local maternity services across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to deliver better care for women and their families. PHU is the first maternity service in the county to go digital, with services across the local area to follow. This new digital system will allow midwives, maternity support workers, doctors, anaesthetists and other specialities to spend more time delivering efficient and timely care, while making it easier for women to access the information they need. Once fully implemented across all local sites, this will allow the maternity team to easily transfer care between sites, whether as an emergency or elective transfer, or for women receiving care across two Trusts.

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