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Invitation to join NICE voluntary and community sector forum

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Invitation to join NICE voluntary and community sector forum

On behalf of Victoria Thomas, Head of Public Involvement at NICE

Help make a difference on behalf of the people most affected by our recommendations

We are excited to launch the NICE voluntary and community sector (VCS) forum and are inviting you to join the first ever meeting. The VCS forum will bring together organisations who want to inform and shape NICE’s work.

As a forum member, you are invited to:

share your organisation’s views, perspectives and priorities

attend 4 virtual meetings a year if you’re able to.

How do I register? Complete the survey on the forum webpage (click on the ‘Apply to join the forum’ button at the top)

What do VCS forum members do?

Influence and inform NICE’s work beyond stakeholder involvement on specific guidance

Help to transform the way we work and be involved in the delivery of our 5-year strategy

Stay informed with our key developments and consultations

Build relationships with other VCS forum organisations, support each other and share your experience of working with us

It would be great to have you on board. Got a question? Feel free to ask us at

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