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How would the changes to Fit Notes affect you?

Updated: 6 days ago

The Government has an open call for evidence on the proposed changes to fit notes

A graphic of two people talking, one patient and one healthcare practioner against a light blue background. There is a speech bubble with the text 'Get the care you and your loved ones need.' A dark blue banner across the bottom reads: #ShareForBetterCare with the healthwatch portsmouth logo.

The call for evidence looks to explore reforming the fit note process. You can read more about the proposed changes on the website. If you have used the current fit note system, they want to hear your views. They also want to hear from: 

  • employers 

  • healthcare professionals 

  • patients, carers and those who access fit notes

  • representatives of local systems or local system partners (for example, local authority, integrated care board and voluntary community social enterprise) 

  • interested academics and stakeholder organisations.

Your experience matters

You can respond on behalf of an organisation or as an individual. The easiest way to participate in this call for evidence is by completing the online form by the 8 July 2024:  

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