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Healthwatch Portsmouth celebrates Student Volunteering Week

At Healthwatch Portsmouth we know how valuable volunteering is to our organisation. When students volunteer, we can help them to develop skills that they will be able to use throughout their career and give them a taste of what a career in public health looks like.

Did you know that a third of the UK’s student population volunteer, this could be for a range of reasons; to give back to their communities, as part of a work placement or to try out a new career. Student volunteering is a vital resource for many charities and businesses in the UK, students come from a range of ages and backgrounds and their contribution is valued, especially within these times of austerity.

Volunteering as a whole contributes approximately 50 billion to our economy so it is clear how important volunteering is. So, this week on national student volunteering week, lets virtually clap our hands to say thanks and raise awareness to the valued work that they do.

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