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Access to Dental Care in Portsmouth

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

13th December 2023 update

London Road Dental Practice in Guildford is no longer accepting NHS patients.

13th July 2023 update

Kingston Crescent Dental is now taking new NHS patients! The practice aims to accept patients until the end of summer (depending on demand). We will post updates on the website so keep an eye out.

Fill out the link below to book an appointment with Kingston Crescent Dental:

33 Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth, PO2 8AA (023 9266 7317)

27th April 2023 update

The surgeries listed below are offering NHS dental appointments for people who are not already on a patient list for an NHS dentist in the city but need to access a course of NHS urgent dental treatment. These appointments outside of their normal surgery hours.

When contacting one of the dental surgeries, please state to the practice/receptionist from the start that you are seeking care under the ‘Additional Hours Scheme’. This reduces the chance of any confusion on which dental service you are trying to access and being inadvertently turned away by the practice may think you are seeking routine treatment.

6th April 2023 update

We have just heard today that Hanway Road, Portsmouth and Alton Dental Practice, Anstey Road are now able to offer more NHS dental appointments on the following dates and times:

Smile Dental Care, 2 Hanway Road, Portsmouth PO1 4ND (02393 233 177)

Thursdays: 9am - 12.30pm, 2pm - 5.30pm

Fridays: 9am - 12.30pm , 2pm - 5.30pm

Alton Dental, Anstey Road, Alton Hampshire GU34 2RE (01420 83589)

Tuesdays: 6pm - 7.30pm (there are 3 dentists working during this time = 3.5hrs of appts)

Saturdays: 10.15am - 1.45pm

26th April update

We have been advised by NHS England of the following: “Although the Additional Hours Scheme sessions are not for routine care/check-ups for the wider population, the exception to this is for Care Home residents, Looked After Children and those who need to be dentally fit before they undergo hospital treatment, whereby they can attend the practice for a routine check-up within one of the sessions, and any subsequent treatment identified from the check-up will also be carried out in these sessions which may take multiple appointments to complete the course of treatment.”

Regarding Care Home residents who are now eligible to book appointments in the Additional Hours Scheme; Care Home providers have been notified of this. Care Homes will need to arrange patient transport for their resident to attend an appointment at the practice.

2023 update - NHS dental appointments in Guildford, Surrey

The London Road Dental Practice is currently offering NHS dental appointments on Wednesday evenings which may be another option for people seeking dental care now before the new surgeries open in April? Details are below for the Guildford based surgery. There is a branch line train station called 'Guildford, London Road' that you can use from the mainline Guildford station. The surgery is offering appointments on Wednesdays 5pm - 8.30pm

London Road Dental Practice

42a London Road Guildford

Surrey GU1 2AF

Telephone: 01483 300 022

9th February 2023 updates

Copnor Road

New dentists for Portsmouth and more appts in existing surgery:

There will be a new dental practice opening in Copnor Road. This dental practice is one of the three two new contracts that we hear will be starting practice from April 2023. Copnor Dental Care dental surgery encourages people to express an interest in signing up to the surgery which states it is opening soon.

The second and third new NHS dental contracts starting in April 2023 we have heard will be based in the areas of Buckland and Port Solent. The surgeries providing NHS appointments will start to advertise their availability from 1st April 2023 so keep a look out for local information and adverts about how to book up at one of these NHS dental surgeries. We have been told that the number of appointments available will grow slowly over time rather than all be available straight away. If we hear more we will publish here.

Hanway Road (Smile Dental) surgery, Portsmouth, will be offering more NHS appointments from 14th February 2023 – patients without an urgent need prior to this start date can contact the surgery now so they can be pre-booked into the sessions starting from 14th February 2023. You can phone them on 023 9323 3177

22nd March 2022 update We have just heard that instead of Alton Dental Practice on Anstey Road (as per the information we posted below last November) is not taking patients on but another surgery in Alton, under the same practice is taking new NHS patients on: Alton Dental, 19 Lenten Street, Alton, GU34 1HG. Telephone number 01420 571461. November ’21 Update There are continuing delays to the opening of the Cosham Dental Practice, due to open in April 2021, to take on new NHS patients. Due to the continuing need for patients who are not already on a patient list for an NHS dentist in the city but need to access a course of NHS urgent dental treatment, two one dental surgery in Hampshire are is offering NHS dental appointments outside of their normal surgery hours: Alton: Alton Dental Centre, Anstey Road, ALTON Hampshire GU34 2RE (appts: Tuesdays 6pm – 7.30pm , Saturdays 10.45am – 1.45pm) 01420 83589 October 2021 Information about Emergency Dental Hubs Healthwatch Portsmouth We have received briefings from NHS England which provide information about accessing urgent dental care in Emergency Dental Hubs that have been set up around the country. Whilst dental services are still functioning, the priority remains for dentists to focus on:

  • patients who require access to urgent care

  • patients at higher risk of oral disease

  • patients with outstanding treatment needs that cannot be delayed.

All practices have been instructed that they should deal with any patient who calls them within their NHS capacity, whether or not they have seen that patient in the past. This means that if a patient enquires whether the practice is ‘taking on’ NHS patients, the practice should assess whether the patient has an urgent need, is at high risk of oral disease, or has outstanding treatment that cannot be delayed. This does not necessarily mean that patients with an urgent need will automatically be offered a face-to-face appointment but if it is identified that a patient needs to be seen, the practice can arrange for this happen. If you cannot register with a dentist NHS England advise that you contact and choose the dental service option, answering the questions relating to your urgent dental problem which will be assessed and advice will be provided about what you can do and the service available. Information that you can provide to 111 to help them decide if you need to be seen: When you speak to a dentist or receptionist you should explain why you have an urgent dental need. The dentist needs information to understand how best to help you. Tell them:

  • What impact your dental problem is having e.g. difficulties eating, difficulties swallowing, swelling in your face, difficulty opening your mouth, severe blood loss and any effects on your day-to-day life

  • If you have a history of poor dental health that has required treatment in the past, especially if your current problem is linked to it, or if you have an ongoing or long-term dental condition

  • If you are at a higher risk of oral disease. For example, smoking increases the risk of gum disease, can affect your response to treatment and can increase the chance of losing your teeth. So, do say if you are a heavy smoker

  • If you have a health condition which places you at higher risk of illness such as diabetes, or are receiving any medical treatment that may impact your teeth or gums

  • If you (or the person you are calling about) has special needs

  • If the person you are calling about is a child. Dental practices have been told to prioritise children for a dental appointment

  • If you are pregnant as this may change the tests and treatments you are offered

If you have an incomplete dental care plan or are waiting for a review following previous dental treatment. You also need to tell the dentist or receptionist if you are in a vulnerable patient group. This includes people who are homeless, travellers, migrants or refugees and looked after children. This is because guidance produced by NHS England in July 2021 says that dentists should be prioritising dental patients who are most at risk from poor oral health.

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