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What challenges are you facing?

Updated: Mar 28

We want to hear about your experiences of accessing healthcare, education, housing, good quality employment or social support.

Would you like to help us find solutions to these issues in Portsmouth?

We want to hear from Portsmouth residents, particularly those living in the following postcodes:

  • PO1 1

  • PO1 2

  • PO1 4

  • PO1 5

  • PO2 7

  • PO5 4 (Central Portsmouth)

  • PO5 1 and PO5 4 (Southsea)

  • PO1 4

  • PO2 7 and PO1 5 (Buckland)

  • PO2 7 and PO2 8 (port and Mile End Industrial Estate area)

  • PO6 3 and PO6 4 (Paulsgate and Paulsgrove)

Get in touch to find out more:

Phone: 02392 84 6892

The challenges Portsmouth residents are facing report

Read about your experiences of accessing health services, education, housing, good quality employment, support networks and social arrangements:

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