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Share your views on British Sign Language and community language interpreting services

Quality interpreting services can greatly help reduce people’s barriers to accessing the health services they need. Wessex Voices are working with NHS England and NHS Improvement South East to get people’s feedback about their experiences of and barriers to accessing British Sign Language (BSL) or community language interpreting services when they are at an appointment with a dentist, optician or pharmacist. For people living in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, this also includes GPs. They would like to hear from you about what’s working well and what could be improved so new interpreting services across the South East next year better meet your needs. How can people get involved? You can complete an online survey for BSL or community languages, watch a video in BSL, or contact Wessex Voices for a telephone or video call interview. If you communicate using British Sign Language, you can also send videos of your responses in BSL by:

  • WhatsApp: 07970 168 240

  • Facebook Messenger:

  • Email:

  • WeTransfer:

Share your feedback by 13th December 2020, which is when the surveys close and interviews end. Contact details Want to find out more, get involved or have a question? Get in touch with us at or call or WhatsApp 07970 168 240.

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