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Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer

Updated: Mar 28

March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the most common cancer among men in the UK.

1 in 8 men are at risk of prostate cancer. Men over 50, black men and men with a family history of prostate cancer are most at risk. The risk increases with age. You can check your risk online using prostate cancer UK's website.

Prostate cancer UK logo against a black background. The text reads "Supporting prostate cancer" in capital letters. The word "supporting" is white. The words "prostate cancer UK" are blue. t

1 in 4 men from Black African, Caribbean and Black British communities are affected by prostate cancer. Black men are at risk from age 45 as opposed to age 50.

This leaflet by Prostate Cancer UK gives useful information on prostate cancer, what do to do, symptoms and diagnosis.

prostate-cancer-information-for-black-men -ifm
Download PDF • 123KB


Signs and symptoms

Many men don't have any signs or symptoms so it is important to note any changes in the way you urinate. Symptoms may include:

  • difficulty starting to urinate or emptying your bladder

  • a weak flow

  • feeling your bladder hasn’t fully emptied

  • dribbling urine after you finish urinating

  • needing to urinate more often than usual, especially at night

  • a sudden need to urinate (may sometimes leak urine before you get to the toilet).


It's important to visit a GP if you have symptoms. Useful information on diagnosis can be found on the NHS website.

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