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GP surgery websites in Portsmouth Healthwatch Portsmouth review of patient information

UPDATE: See the March 2021 follow up review here. Healthwatch Portsmouth is publishing today its report written in November of the review taken in August of GP surgery websites. Here is the report GP surgery website review: HWP report FINAL Nov 2020 and the data supporting our review GP Surgery Website Review Survey table 1 The purpose of the desk based community research project was to:

  1. To identify the information that could and could not be found on each GP website

  2. To gather feedback on the patient experience of using GP practice websites

  3. To share this information by publication to members of the public

  4. To make recommendations to commissioners and provider

We will be sending this report and more detailed analysis to Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group. In March 2021 we completed a follow up review on the GP surgery websites. You can visit the updated report here.

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