Healthwatch Portsmouth has been alerted to a problem that telephone callers to the Southsea Medical Centre asking for a GP consultation, have experienced very recently.

An automated call answering system suggests that you make an e-consultation on Southsea Medical Centre’s website.   The webpage that appears on Southsea Medical Centre’s website that the telephone answering system directs you to, is not owned by Southsea Medical Centre. Instead it is a USA based private medical e-consultation company’s website page called ‘just answer uk doctor’. This  tries to get you to subscribe to the company’s monthly payment plan.

The US private medical e-consultation webpage ‘just answer uk doctor’ appears to have become linked to Southsea Medical Centre’s website e-consultation page.

The webpage that you should be directed to from Southsea Medical Centre’s e-consultation landing page is:

The above link will take you to a page which looks like the below image.