Healthwatch Portsmouth Board

Healthwatch Portsmouth is governed by a Board who meet in public six times a year to manage the organisation’s priorities and workload. This page has details of the members of the Healthwatch Portsmouth Board together with information on the advisors to the board from our partner organisations.

Each Board profile includes a declaration of interests form. Papers from the Board meetings can be viewed in the Publications section.

Healthwatch Portsmouth Board members

Roger has over 30 years experience of working in the NHS in Portsmouth. He has been a local Magistrate and for a period was seconded to the Department of Health. He left full time NHS work in 2013 having suffered ill health, and in the same year he was first appointed then elected to the Healthwatch Portsmouth Board. His peers on the Healthwatch Portsmouth Board elected him Vice Chair and then in June 2019 he was elected Chairperson.

Whilst an NHS employee he managed mental health services and substance misuse services. These days Roger accesses local health services so he has an intimate knowledge both as a health service provider and a health service user.

Roger Batterbury – Declaration of interests – July 2019

I am a retired public health specialist with professional experience in managing health promotion teams in the NHS then local authorities. I developed local healthy city and borough plans working across both statutory and non-statutory sectors. My interests are in inter-agency collaboration and community development to reduce inequalities in health and well-being.

I led the Masters Degree in Health Promotion at Sheffield Hallam University and was part of two working parties to Bosnia to develop older people’s services for the World Health Organisation. I was the older people’s lead at Borough Council level and developed the Live Long and Better Plan by involving local residents. I was awarded Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health. I continue my interests in evidence-based practice and research into health and well-being, in particular older people.

I have lived, studied and worked in Portsmouth and hope to contribute to the city further through the work of the Board.

I was an experienced and highly accountable senior leader within the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in strategic planning and marketing within both the research and commercial parts of the pharmaceutical industry. I am now just completing an MSc in Public Health at King’s College London as I wanted a challenge that built on the significant skills and experience I have gained in industry and encompasses my interest in lifestyle and its impact on health and disease progression.

My MSc has broadened my understanding of epidemiology, how environment and lifestyle can affect people’s health, the impact of social and health interventions and how to ultimately prevent disease.

I am particularly interested in how best to ensure that medicines developed and services delivered meet the needs of patients and local populations.

Jane Bailey – Declaration of interests – May 2018

I have always maintained a strong interest in health and social care provision within my home town of Portsmouth.  Since 2000 I worked as a qualified teacher/lecturer in Further Education, Sixth Form Colleges and a Secondary School; retiring from the profession in 2014.  Subjects included Health & Social Care, Sociology, Psychology, Citizenship, Equality and Diversity and Access to Education.    From 2006 to date I am an OCR examiner, specialising in Health & Social Care scripts on quality care provision.

I have also been employed by Portsmouth NHS Trusts, in various departments including Mental Health, Child Behaviour and Renal, through which I have gained an insight into NHS workings.  Since 2015 I volunteer annually as a PLACE (Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment) Assessor for PHFT and Solent NHS Trust.  Currently I am employed on a bank staff basis by Solent NHS Trust as a Serious Incident Investigator; in which I have increased my knowledge of NHS standard operating procedures, accountability and protocol.

Jan Dixon -Declaration of Interests -February 2019

I am a retired health professional whose employment and life interests have evolved around specialised areas of care and teaching – ranging from pharmaceuticals through to mental health care and related brain injury services.

My historic employment within the pharmaceutical industry involved operations management of hip and knee replacement with specialism in new care options.

My later nursing employment was with mental health care and brain injury related issues along with professional teaching – working both in the NHS, Private and Charitable services.

I have held posts from ward management, operations management through specialised acute care at emergency departments – all of which have involved networking with social services, disability care, safeguarding and subsequent budget awareness.

I hold a BSc in Physiology and Anatomy, a Masters in Clinical Neuro-psychiatry (Honours with Merit) along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing.

I have taught Health and Care Sciences at Graduate level, holding a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching. As a trained health and social services mentor, I have aided and taught many university level students moving to nursing and social services posts throughout my long career.

My own volunteer work remains within healthcare and teaching – working both historically and currently with such services such as, Mensline, PETA, AgeUK, Disability Awareness, Patient Participation Groups through to co-production development of improving health care within Portsmouth.

Peter Izard – Declaration of interests – June 2019

I have lived in Portsmouth for the last 25 years. For much of that time I have also worked in the city as a manager in  Adult and Further Education. Most recently I was Head of Lifelong Learning with Portsmouth City Council. Throughout the time I have lived in Portsmouth I have also been actively involved in a number of voluntary roles including as a school governor and as a board member of a number of local trusts and social enterprises. I am now largely retired from full-time work but continue to run a small management consultancy business working with Adult Education providers around the country.  As an adult educator I was committed to enabling and engaging with local communities and would hope to bring my experience and skills to Healthwatch Portsmouth.

Stephen Glennon – Declaration of interests – September 2016

My background spans thirty-one years of extensive experience at executive and senior levels in both the public and private sectors.

I am an inclusive leader who is resilient, an effective communicator and team player who has often positively impacted the organisations I have had the privilege to serve.

I believe in making a difference and influencing change for the better. I have the ability to build sustainable relationships, drive growth and change which I have repeatedly achieved in my workplace both for fellow work colleagues and those we serve which have included both the public and in the healthcare setting our patients.

I am committed to making a difference to others, by being the catalyst for change through listening to those who know and understand the healthcare services and then act by influencing the healthcare system. This is why I support the important agenda of Healthwatch.

Ram Jassi – Declaration of interests – March 2019

I have over 15 years of experience in the private sector as a Co-ordinator in personnel management and customer services. Since retiring I have chaired three 3 local Charities – the Somerstown Community, the Community Development Foundation and the Neighbour Agreement. 0These charities help the local community with community development, neighbour relations, improvement and development of access to health assistance.

I am someone who is naturally interested in the care and improvement of the community’s general wellbeing. I’m always enthusiastic to be involved and look forward to contributing to Healthwatch Portsmouth.

Graham Keeping – Declaration of interests – March 2019

Board Advisors

I work in the Public Health Team for Portsmouth City Council. My current role as Public Health Development Manager involves commissioning and service managing of public health programme such as the NHS Health Checks programme and commissioning of Local Healthwatch in Portsmouth. I have worked in Portsmouth since 2009 and have been in Public Health since 2004. I am a registered Public Health Practitioner with the UKPHR and have BSc in Health and Social Care and MSc in Public Health and Health Improvement. I volunteer as a Watch Leader for the Tall Ships Youth Trust in Portsmouth, and enjoying running and climbing in my spare time.


Where Healthwatch Portsmouth focuses its time and energy is influenced by its members, the general public, local organisations and is overseen by a board of elected and co-opted volunteers.

The Board make decisions about the priorities of Healthwatch Portsmouth and the main projects it will work on each year. They also work to represent local people and make sure that they are at the heart of local services.

The board is made up of a variety of people from different backgrounds, with a range of skills and experience to support the team. There are members selected from the general membership and wider public, advisors (from the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council) and the Healthwatch Portsmouth Project Manager.

For more information please contact us or come along to one of our public board meetings held six times a year at different venues around Portsmouth.

Healthwatch Portsmouth Board meetings 2020-2021

Wednesday 29th April 2020  to be held via MS Teams due to Coronavirus social distancing 4-6pm
Tuesday 24th  September 2020 venue to be confirmed 5-7pm
Thursday 17th December 2020 Committee Room 4, 2nd Fl, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square PO1 2AL 2-4pm
Thursday 11th March 2020 venue and time to be confirmed tbc

Details of meetings can be found on the events page.