From Monday 17 May care home residents will be able to have more named visitors and more opportunities to make visits out with no need to self-isolate when they return.

  • Care home residents will be allowed 5 named visitors from Monday 17 May, up from 2 currently

  • Self-isolation no longer required following visits to GPs, dentists and day centres

  • Visits will only pause for a minimum of 14 days rather than 28 days following an outbreak

As part of step 3 of the roadmap, the number of named family members or friends able to visit their loved ones in care homes will be increased from 2 to 5, as the visiting restrictions continue to ease. A maximum of 2 visitors will be allowed at any one time or on any given day.

This follows a reduction in COVID-19 cases and the ongoing successful vaccine rollout with 95% of older care home residents receiving their first jab.

Residents will also be able to go to medical appointments, a workplace, educational setting and day centres without having to self-isolate on their return.