Healthwatch Portsmouth is publishing its latest review (conducted at the end of March 2022) of the information contained on Portsmouth GP surgery website homepages

GP Surgeries Website Review March 2022 HWP Survey results

We found that nearly all the websites were presented in a welcoming style and gave a positive first impression when the reviewer arrived on the home page.

Many surgery websites are still requesting that patients provide 2 forms of identification to support their application to register as a new patient.   This is not a requirement made by the NHS.

Most surgeries did not offer the information in different language formats or offer translation.

A similar proportion did not contain information about how to make a complaint.

We did find though that the surgeries’ websites contained a lot of useful information for patients and members of the public to review prior to making their choices about which service to choose.  We are suggesting in our recommendations that a review is taken to update and unclutter pages.

GP Surgeries Website Review March 2022 HWP Survey results