This briefing aims to update national health and social care stakeholders about the COVID-19
vaccine roll-out. It draws on:

  • Information and advice the public are asking us about
  • Experiences and attitudes people have shared with us

It focuses on people’s views, concerns and experiences of: Experience of the vaccine roll-out

  • Reasons for low vaccine confidence
  • Access to the vaccine
  • Access to the second dose

This update is informed by:

  • The views of over 2000 people in local Healthwatch reports;
  • The views of 1847 people responding to Healthwatch England’s national survey; and

Data from 39 local Healthwatch services across England, providing the feedback of 242 individuals on the COVID-19 vaccine delivery.

Key Messages
Following the vaccine attitudes survey Healthwatch England ran in March 2021, which we discussed in the last vaccine briefing, an updated survey ran between 22 April and 21 May 2021. 1847 people took the time to share their thoughts and experiences of the vaccine roll out.

We asked people about their experiences of the COVID-19 vaccine, including any difficulties they had booking and attending appointments, their thoughts on information about the vaccine, and whether they had concerns about the vaccine.

Read the full report here.