A update and message from Imelda Redmond, National Director of Healthwatch England:

Healthwatch England report COVID 19 local intelligence update 030620

We at Healthwatch stand in solidarity with all our colleagues, volunteers and community members from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, we stand up to racism. Thank you for your tireless commitment at such a difficult time. We have to change the way things are done. The reasons for disproportionate number of deaths and serious illness amongst black, Asian and minority ethnic people from Covid have to be understood. The PHE report published yesterday makes for difficult reading, but it doesn’t help us understand how and why this has happened and what must be done so that we turn this tide.

Please share your thoughts on our role in bringing about the change that must happen.  Please email info@healthwatchportsmouth.co.uk if you want to provide your thoughts about what could be done locally in Portsmouth.


COVID-19 local Healthwatch intelligence update 3rd June – gathered from 121 local Healthwatches.

Healthwatch England shares with national agencies planning health and care services the insight they receive on the advice and information the public is seeking, and the views they are sharing when it comes to support.  Here is the latest report  Healthwatch England report COVID 19 local intelligence update 030620