The University of York is currently carrying out research to consider how inclusive (or not) generic community based social care services, groups and organisations are for older lesbian, gay & bisexual people.

They want to understand the experiences of people who access groups or services and those who work or volunteer in them through informal interviews and a focus group. The aim of this project is to highlight clear information these services and groups can use to be more inclusive going forward by understanding people’s experiences of engaging with these groups or organisations.

Groups or services might include formal service provision but can also include hobby, interest or craft groups or sessions, activities designed to help with social isolation or loneliness, funded or free groups or services – anything that a person over 50 might access within their local community. These do not need to be LGBTQ+ or older people specific services.

The university is searching for people aged 50+ who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and use or have used community based services, groups or organisations and/or people who work or volunteer in community based services, groups or organisations.

If you are interested in this opportunity of would like to know more, please contact Liz Wands-Murray on

See below two information sheets which give some further details about the research project.

Service participants Information sheet

Older LGB participants Information sheet

The more we understand about how these types of services, groups and organisations can be inclusive, the better we can meet people’s needs going forward.