Access to NHS routine dental appointments

Update 10.02.22  – Smile at Hanway Road taking on new NHS dental patients

NHS England have recently commissioned more capacity in Portsmouth in response to 2 surgeries no longer offering NHS appointments.  We have heard that Smile Dental Care, 2 Hanway Road, Portsmouth PO1 4ND  is taking on new NHS patients.       Telephone:   023 9323 3177  or email:

Smile Dental Care is now offering appointments outside of its usual opening hours to provide additional capacity in the city.


Update 21.1.22

With the ongoing problems of finding an NHS dentist appointment in Portsmouth this winter we have researched where in the local area someone could book an NHS dental appointment.  We have found that the surgery below is taking new patients (onto a waiting list for a routine appointment)

Gosport Smile Dental Care

South Cliff Dental Group, Gosport, 7 Brockhurst Road, Gosport, Hants, Hampshire, PO12 3AJ

023 9258 1755

This dentist is:

  • accepting children (under 18)
  • accepting adults (18 and over) onto a waiting list (10 month)
  • accepting adults entitled to free dental care
  • not accepting any urgent treatment and are recommending using the Walk-in Centre in Gosport

Dental services in England update: October 2020

Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee on 24th September reviewed patient access to routine dental appointments in England during COVID-19 and concluded that the delivery of dental services in England has been significantly hindered by the pandemic. This has been largely due to the need to protect both patients and staff from COVID-19 which has, in turn, presented financial challenges to both NHS and private dental practices. We welcome NHSE/ I’s continued efforts to support the restoration of dentistry services in England. (Paragraph 67) 9. We are concerned that there does not appear to be a plan for the restoration of dental services in England.

We recommend that Sara Hurley (Chief Dental Officer for England) sets out her assessment of the challenges facing dentistry services in England, and clarifies what steps will be taken to ensure dentistry services are able to continue to be restored to meet patient demand in the safest possible way whilst also remaining financially sustainable.

NHS South East Dental update 8th June:  what local practices will need to do to ensure patient and staff safety as they start to re-open to offer NHS dental appointments

NHS South East Dental update on restarting NHS appointments from 8th June

update from NHS England: availability of routine dental appointments from 8th June

Some dental surgeries will be in a position to be open to offer routine NHS dental appointments

Contact your local dentist for more information.  The links below may help you plan ahead.

Accessing NHS Routine Dental Appointments

What might have changed

What to expect

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