A new NHS initiative Ask Listen, Do aims to make it easier for children and adults with learning disabilities or Autistic people, families and carers to provide meaningful feedback to health, education and social care organisations.

The project sets out guidelines for organisations to learn from the feedback, concerns and complaints.

Ask Listen Do graphic
The Ask, Listen, Do principles:


  • The organisation asks people about their experiences and makes it easy for people to do this.
  • The organisation makes sure that the person, their family or advocate know how to give feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint
  • People feel able to speak up when they have feedback, a concern or complaint
  • Everyone knows when a concern or complaint is a safeguarding or a criminal issue, and what must happen


  • The organisation really listens to what has been said and is not defensive
  • The organisation and staff have the skills to listen to and understand what it feels like for the person


  • The organisation does something positive about it in good time and tells the person what they are doing to put it right
  • The organisation learns from the feedback, concern or complaint and changes things so the service can improve
  • The organisation improves its services by working with the people that use them, listening to and learning from people’s experiences

NHS England – Ask, Listen, Do information for organisations and practitioners
NHS England – Ask, Listen, Do information for people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers