New ’10 day rule’ for self isolation for people with COVID-19

New 10-day rule for self-isolation

If you test positive for coronavirus, or you have symptoms, you now need to self-isolate for 10 days rather than seven. The self-isolation period remains at 14 days for household members of a positive case, people contacted through NHS Test and Trace, and people returning to the UK from certain countries.


3 August, 2020|

helpful reminder to the public to keep social distance for those now un-shielding

As people who are considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable emerge from having shielded since the end of March a charity has launched on Monday 3rd August a badge using a symbol that it is hoping will be adopted by other charities supporting people with long term conditions.  Lymphoma Action wants charities to develop bespoke badges with the social distancing image for people with long term conditions to wear to act as a reminder to the public to retain their social distance of >2 metres.

new badge for clinically extremely vulnerable people to wear who are no longer shielding to remind public to maintain social distance

The Cabinet Office on 4th August published optional badges that can be used to show the carrier may have difficulties or concerns in maintaining social distancing. The badges are available for mobile phones as well as print.

Badges: Please Give Me Space social distancing templates for cards, phones or badges

3 August, 2020|