Solent NHS Trust provides local community and mental health care across Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight.  They aim to understand what matters most to the people who use the services and their families and carers by listening, hearing, and acting on that feedback.

What are Solent NHS Trust asking?

Solent NHS Trust are asking for your support in a review that they are planning. The review will consider their work as a trust against the standards described by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England.

The standards include how we provide safe, effective care, how responsive they are and in particular for this review, how the organisation is led. It will provide Solent NHS Trust, with feedback about what they do well, and those things they could do better, and is one part of their process of continuously monitoring the quality of the services they provide.

Who do they need?

Patients, families, carers, members of the local community, support groups and voluntary organisations.  Anyone who has used one or more of Solent NHS Trust’s services, someone who supports another in a caring role or people from a community partners’ programme.

How can you help?

Solent NHS Trust would like you to join a conversation where you can share your experiences and views. You are invited to join one of two sessions, which will be facilitated by the Solent NHS Trust Community Engagement and Experience Team, with colleagues from AuditOne[1], an external partner managing the review process, in attendance.

When are the sessions and how do you access?

Monday 4th October 1pm – 3pm

Thursday 7th October 10am-12pm

If you are interested and/or have any questions, please email