A Veteran’s Mental Health High Intensity Service (HIS) is launching on Monday 23rd November 2020 for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area

A 111 Crisis Service is also being launched for the South East Region

The High Intensity Service (HIS) has been developed using feedback and input by veterans and their
families, as well as the NHS England and NHS Improvement Armed Forces Patient and
Public Voice Group.

HIS will provide care and treatment for veterans who are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing, are in a mental health crisis and / or need urgent and
emergency care and treatment.
The new service will provide:
• crisis care
• therapeutic inpatient support
• help with co-ordinating care across organisations
• support and care for family members and carers where appropriate.

Solent NHS Trust is providing the service for the South East region of England

Access to the High Intensity Service is through a patient’s GP surgery, community mental health services and the 111 service. Access to HIS is also available via the Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) Veteran’s Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS) . Veterans families are to be contacted to inform them about the new service. Further information on the above services can be found here