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Dental Services in Portsmouth

We know that dental information and services in Portsmouth has been in high demand during the covid-19 pandemic. Below we are sharing the current advice, information and guidance on dental. Please see our service directory for dentists operating in Portsmouth.

Access to Urgent Dental Care in Portsmouth

Information about Emergency Dental Hubs Healthwatch Portsmouth

We have received briefings from NHS England which provide information about accessing urgent dental care in Emergency Dental Hubs that have been set up around the country.

Whilst dental services are still functioning, the priority remains for dentists to focus on:

  • patients who require access to urgent care
  • patients at higher risk of oral disease
  • patients with outstanding treatment needs that cannot be delayed.

All practices have been instructed that they should deal with any patient who calls them within their NHS capacity, whether or not they have seen that patient in the past. This means that if a patient enquires whether the practice is […]

Update on patient access to NHS dental appointments – Feb 21

Here is the latest information that we have received from NHS England about patient access to NHS dental appointments in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Update on NHS dental services Feb 21 in Hants and Isle of Wight

Healthwatch England have published a report to summarise the feedback it has received from local Healthwatch (including Healthwatch Portsmouth) about the problems people have been facing in accessing NHS dental appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthwatch England was mentioned in the news headlines on Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday 8th February.  Healthwatch England’s report was highlighted in the bulletin.

You can read the Healthwatch England briefing and report here […]

Healthwatch Portsmouth mentioned in Parliament

After speaking with Healthwatch Portsmouth, Stephen Morgan MP stood up for Portsmouth people struggling to access NHS dentistry or get the care they need in a debate in Parliament on the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on dental services

Speaking in a debate in order for the relevant Government Minister to respond and take action, the Portsmouth South MP underlined he is ‘particularly concerned about the recently imposed NHS activity targets’ and the impact this is having on local dental services.

The latest intervention in the House of Commons follows Mr Morgan’s long-running efforts on concerns from constituents and came after hosting a summit earlier this week with representatives from Healthwatch […]

Dental services in Portsmouth – long term contracts

November ’20 update 

Portsmouth Dental Service Procurement – Update

Healthwatch Portsmouth is sharing information provided by the Wessex Area Dental Committee of NHS England to the Portsmouth Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel meeting at the end fo November regarding NHS dental appointments availability in the city from next April:

As we previously updated, the original contract commencement date was paused due to COVID-19 restrictions which impacted on the completion of the procurement process. As you know we have been working with the preferred bidders in the two areas in Portsmouth to mobilise the contracts at the earliest possible date. We have now carried out additional due diligence and can confirm the Portsmouth South […]

Access to NHS routine dental appointments

Dental services in England update: October 2020

Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee on 24th September reviewed patient access to routine dental appointments in England during COVID-19 and concluded that the delivery of dental services in England has been significantly hindered by the pandemic. This has been largely due to the need to protect both patients and staff from COVID-19 which has, in turn, presented financial challenges to both NHS and private dental practices. We welcome NHSE/ I’s continued efforts to support the restoration of dentistry services in England. (Paragraph 67) 9. We are concerned that there does not appear to be a plan for the restoration of dental services in […]

Access to Urgent NHS Dental Appointments – briefing from NHS Eng

05.06.20 update

Access to routine dental appointments starts from 8th June – contact your local dentist for details

24.4.20  here is the latest information that Healthwatch Portsmouth has received on access to Urgent Dental care during the current COVID-19 pandemic. An urgent dental care hub has been set up in Portsmouth to support patients with urgent dental care needs. Please see briefing for details

Urgent NHS Dental Care – access for patients – NHSE briefing 24.4.20