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The Bring Joy Foundation is a new charity with a vision to help groups and organisations across the UK put a touch of sparkle onto the agenda by funding events and activities or rekindling favourite pastimes.

In a nutshell, the charity exists to bring the joy and fun back into ageing.

The charity invites applications from groups or organisations based in the UK that want to put some 'pizzazz' into their pastimes.

To apply, send a letter of enquiry by post. Guidelines for writing are available on the charity's website. The charity makes donations in amounts ranging from £100 to £5,000, but larger amounts are considered in special circumstances.

Contact Information
Unit 2 Acres View, Walnut Tree Business Centre Walnut Tree Farm, Lower Stretton, WarringtonWA4 4PG
Phone: 01925 730273
Self Referal:
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