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WorkFit is part of the Down's Syndrome Association, a national charity for people with Down's Syndrome. The project acts as a recruitment hub, connecting employers with prospective jobseekers, across the UK.

Workfit works closely with employers, providing support and training on working effectively and confidently with employees with Down's syndrome. They also provide advice and guidance on developing roles that are sustainable and offer opportunities for development.

For adults with Down's syndrome who are looking for work, Workfit can help with the following options:

  • Paid work
  • Supported apprenticeships or internships
  • Work experience
  • Volunteering
Contact Information
2a Langdon Park, TeddingtonTW11 9PS
Phone: 0333 1212 300
Self Referal:
  • Yes
Referal Method:

If you have Down's Syndrome and want to work, you can register on the website.
If your organisation is recruiting, contact WorkFit through the website, to see how they can help. There is no fee and no obligation when you register.