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Wiltshire Farm Foods are a national organisation delivering frozen meals to your home. They have a range of over 300 meals and desserts to choose from, including traditional British meals and cuisine from around the world.

They also offer gluten-free, vegetarian, pureed meals, and smaller-portion options.

You can order online by visiting their website, or by phone or mail-order from their brochure. Call or visit the website to request a brochure.

You don't need to make a regular order, simply order as and when you like. Drivers are all CRB checked, and you will usually have the same driver each time.

Contact Information
WFF House, Quarry Lane, ChichesterPO19 8PB
Phone: 01243 533983
Disabled Facilities:

The brochure is available in audio by CD or online.
Delivery drivers can place the order in your freezer for you.

Self Referal:
  • Yes