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The Finding Your Feet programme aims to support you if you have recently been diagnosed with sight loss, or starting to find living with sight loss more difficult.

The programme is run in groups, so you will meet others in similar circumstances. You are welcome to bring a partner, family member or friend and the programme recognises that sight loss can impact them too.

It is usually held over 3 days, in a local hotel where you would stay overnight. The informal, relaxed workshops cover things like mobility, useful products, social activities, and accessible technology.

The programme is held regularly, in various locations around the country. See the website for details of the latest sessions.

Finding Your Feet was previously run by Action for Blind People. The charity merged with RNIB in 2017, and their services continue under the RNIB branding.

Contact Information
Royal National Institute Of Blind People (RNIB), 105 Judd Street, LondonWC1H 9NE
Phone: 0303 123 9999
Self Referal:
  • Yes
Referal Method:

Contact RNIB to express your interest in a Finding Your Feet session.