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3 Rings is a national service inspired by the old saying of "call and let it ring 3 times to let me know you're ok"

If you live on your own, and have family who worry about you, the 3 rings service is an easy way to give everyone peace of mind. A plug attaches to any electrical appliance you use during your daily routine, such as a kettle or TV and notifies someone if you haven't used them after a certain time.

You choose:

  • Which appliance you use the 3 Rings plug with
  • Who gets alerted if you have not used the appliance
  • When the alert is raised - for example, if you usually make a cup of tea first thing in the morning, you might choose for an alert to be raised if your kettle has not been used by 11am.

The system includes:

  • A plug. This is attached between an appliance and your wall socket, so that it can tell when the apliance is used.
  • A 'portal'. This is like a mobile phone, so that it can contact your loved ones.
  • An app for your loved ones to use on their computer, smartphone or tablet, to check that you're ok. The app says when the appliance you have chosen has been used.
Contact Information
Phone: 0161 731 0081
Cost Of Service:

The plug costs £79, with a £12 per month subscription fee for the alert service. Discounts are available for longer subscriptions. (Prices checked June 2016)  

Self Referal:
  • Yes