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The Message in a Bottle Scheme is a simple way to keep essential personal and medical information where they can be found in an emergency.

This means if for any reason you are unable to communicate, or find it difficult to remember, your information in an emergency, the emergency services are able to use the Message in a Bottle to get the information they need to help you.

The Message in a Bottle kit contains:

  • A form for you to write down important personal and medical information that might be needed in an emergency. Including:
    • Medication that you take and where you keep it
    • Any allergies you have
    • Illnesses that might affect your emergency treatment
    • Details of anyone who relies on you, including pets
    • Who to contact in an emergency, and how to reach them
  • Two stickers, which the emergency services are trained to look for if they are called to your home in an emergency.
    • One sticker is placed on your fridge door
    • One sticker is placed on the inside of your front door, at eye level
  • A plastic 'bottle' to keep your completed form in. This is kept inside your fridge door, so that emergency services can get to it if they are called out to your home.


Cost Of Service:

The Message in a Bottle kit is free of charge, and can usually be found at: Health centres, GP surgeries & Pharmacies

Self Referal:
  • Yes