I Need Some Help

Welcome to the Healthwatch Portsmouth Service Directory.

If you are having trouble understanding how to use this site I hope you find the following information helpful. If after reading this information you are still finding it hard to find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us through the details located at the top-right of this website.

Home Page / Blue Search Box

On first entry into the website you will be presented with some introductory test, a blue search box, map and some randomly selected entries from the directory.

If you have a specific service you need to locate please type in what you are looking for in the first box titled ’Select category or enter keywords’. Then click the pink ‘Search’ box this will search the entire directory for the service your require.

If you are looking for a service more local to you, then enter your postcode or full address into the second box labelled ‘Enter Address’. By default this will search within the nearest mile to the postcode you enter.

If you wish to change this then under the two boxes you will see a pink bar with a pink circular handle, use this to drag left of right to set a distance to search from using the postcode or address you entered. When you are happy with what you have set then press the pink ‘Search’ button and you will then see the results of the search.


The map will show the locations of the current search results. These are limited to 20 at-a-time and match the services currently listed below the map.

Here you can click on the pins to bring up some brief information and will be presented with a couple of buttons. Click on the ‘Summary’ button to move down the page to where the service is located in the search result list or click on ‘Read More’ to see a page with more detailed information.

Search Results

Here you will see some basic information on the results of the search. These are displayed 20 at-a-time and you will see some numbered boxes at the very bottom of the list, these can be pressed to see more results. If you find the service you are looking for you can click on the title to see more detailed information.

Service Details Page

This page will show all the information we have on the selected service. Most contact information is clickable and if using a mobile device can directly call services or send emails. You also have the ability to click on the category labels to search for other services and also navigate using the breadcrumbs directly under the service title.

Incorrect information

If you see any information that is incorrect or out-of-date please contact us so we may update our records. Please email info@healthwatchportsmouth.co.uk with any information you can provide.