Healthwatch Portsmouth Board meeting 29th April 2020

Here is the Healthwatch Portsmouth Board Meeting 29.4.20 Agenda Due to social distancing required in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic we are not able to meet in person. If members of the public have questions to ask at the Board meeting please email these to:  There will be time at the end of the Board meeting for questions from the public to be answered.  Please refer to the link to the agenda for the Board meeting. Additional HWP Board meeting documents for the meeting will be added to the publications page

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Access to Urgent NHS Dental Appointments – briefing from NHS Eng

05.06.20 update Access to routine dental appointments starts from 8th June - contact your local dentist for details 24.4.20  here is the latest information that Healthwatch Portsmouth has received on access to Urgent Dental care during the current COVID-19 pandemic. An urgent dental care hub has been set up in Portsmouth to support patients with urgent dental care needs. Please see briefing for details Urgent NHS Dental Care - access for patients - NHSE briefing 24.4.20

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Gynaecological cancer – information hub for patients during coronavirus period

Gynaecological cancer information support National charity Eve Appeal which funds research and raising public awareness of five gynaecological cancers is developing an information hub for patients to have their questions answered.   Eve Appeal has seen a significant increase in calls to their nurse-led helpline service with coronaviru related questions.  nur As a result the Eve Appeal has developed a cancer and coronavirus information hub, so that people can access up to date and accurate information on gynaecological cancer pathways, from first investigation of symptoms to follow up post treatment, as well as information on the national cervical screening programme. The nurse-led information service, which is free and confidential [...]

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Local Authority organised meetings and local elections during coronavirus period

Local Authority meetings during coronavirus social distancing period The government minister from Housing, Communities and Local Government wrote to all local councils in early April to advise that all local authority meetings before 7 May 2021 are to be held remotely and has removed the need for a local authority to hold an annual meeting this year. The government has postponed the holding of  local by-elections and other polls that would have taken place before 6 May 2021.

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Support for ‘Extremely Vulnerable People’ not receiving a shielding letter

If you or your relative(s) who have illnesses that fit within the Government’s shielding criteria but have not yet been issued with a ‘shield letter’ or it is not clear to their GP whether they are on the list to receive a letter and are therefore not yet receiving support: please see the info below: NHS England have advised that this process can be used by members of the public to register their relative(s). The person who is registering to request ‘shielding support’ will need the person(s) NHS number to proceed.  =================================================================================== The NHS in England is directly contacting people who are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus to [...]

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