National Poetry Day – Stub!

To celebrate National Poetry Day we would like to share with you a poem called Stub! written by our Advocate Fergus Cameron: It’s not the first thing you say to yourself Reviewing all aspects of improving your health Your heart and your lungs Your rising blood pressure Your kidneys your liver Your BMI measure   BUT BEWARE AT  ALL TIMES of the greatest health risk When walking downstairs all cheerful and brisk A moment of terror a flailing or arms A loss of control an all system alarm All of your mass and increasing velocity Cut short in a stub of Homeric ferocity   Three toes take the [...]

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Eye Services: A Call for Feedback

Wessex Local Eye Health Network is carrying out an eye health needs assessment for Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. They are particularly interested in how local patients and users of eye health services have found the experience. Please see the attached flyer for more information. Eye Services Flyer Sept 2017  

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Healthwatch at Fratton Family Festival

Healthwatch Portsmouth were in action at the Fratton Family Festival on Sunday. We spoke with 55 people and received feedback from 50 people on health and social care services in Portsmouth.  We had three surveys available for visitors to the stall to provide feedback on; maternity services, personal health budgets, and, differing ways of accessing routine primary care services. People who came along to enjoy the family fun day were pleased to see the Healthwatch Portsmouth stall, manned by staff and volunteers, in action and gathering feedback. An impressive 91% of visitors to our stall were keen to take part in the hands-on survey to cast their vote [...]

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General Practice delivering improvement and innovation, despite facing “very real” pressures

The most detailed analysis yet of the quality and safety of general medical practice in England has found that nearly 90% of general practices in England have been rated as ‘good’, making this the highest performing sector CQC regulates. With GPs facing ongoing pressures around capacity, patient demand and workload and at a time of service redesign, the best general practices are driving change and embracing innovation to make sure they are able to deliver even better care into the future. In a national report, published today (Thursday 21 September 2017), the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found that at the end of its first inspection programme of [...]

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