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The Team

Welcome to the team page. Healthwatch is run by its members and has a governance board to manage its priorities and workload. You can see the members of the board below as well as the advisors to the board from our partner organisations and ­finally the staff of Healthwatch are also listed here. Each member of the board also has a declarations of interest form that can be viewed from their profi­le below. The meeting dates and other documents of the board can be viewed from the governance page.

Board Members

Roger Batterbury

Elected Board Member

I have over 27 years local experience working in health & social care, I held a variety of roles which give me the knowledge of local services. My roles were within Learning Difficulty services, Mental Health & Substance Misuse - I have worked extensively with Portsmouth City Council & Solent NHS Trust. I have been a Care Assistant, ward based Staff Nurse, Practitioner, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Community Team Leader, and latterly a Service Co-Ordinator/Manager.

I have knowledge of how local services are provided and how provider organisations work with data collection, performance targets and contract reviews with Commissioners.

Mike Baker

Elected Board Member

I’m a retired building contractor; building and refurbishing office and hospital buildings in central and greater London. Before retirement I was the national chairman of the British Productivity Council, vice chairman of AZTEC Training & Enterprise Council and founder and chairman of Business Link London South West. My hobbies include sailing and gardening, and I have a special interest in the workings of the NHS and its future strength and success in both clinical expertise and management.

Jennie Brent

Elected Board Member

I was born in London and came to Portsmouth in 1972 as a young mother. I have worked in many fields including industrial, retail, nursing, marketing, commerce and industry and education, and am now a CEO of a registered charity that educates and supports adults with various special educational needs.  I appreciate how all experiences have an effect and change lives, and the crucial need at times to have a voice. I always try to turn negatives into positives and believe passionately in people’s rights and the importance of equal opportunities for all.

Ken Ebbens

Elected Board Member

I work as a self-employed proof reader for a London-based market research company and before then worked in life insurance. I have been involved with charities since running a chamber of commerce in 2001/2002 and have interests in Headway, Motiv8, Rainbow Centre and Beneficial Foundation. I am vice chair of the Carers Council, run a support group for Grandparents Association and am a member of Portsmouth and Southsea Castle rotary club.

Sameen Farouk

Elected Board Member

I am a former civil servant specialising in research and analysis. I have some familiarity with NHS services in England (and Scotland) including primary care, hospitals, mental health trusts, children and adult mental health services and what is now the Prescriptions Authority. I’m concerned about health inequalities in the city, consideration of mental health services, the welfare of NHS staff who provide care and redress for patients and families within the NHS. I currently work in Public Sector.

Lynne Rigby

Elected Board Member

Originally from Wiltshire, I moved to Portsmouth in the early 80s, and settled here marrying and raising two children who are now moving on to University.  During my long career in sales, marketing, training and management, I worked for Nat West, and British Telecom, until after having children when I moved into the Voluntary Sector in Portsmouth to use the skills developed during my previous roles. Since 1999, I have worked for Portsmouth Disability Forum taking it through many development stages to where we are now. Working with and for disabled people has always been a privilege and every day I learn more from some very remarkable people. I hope that my experience, knowledge and skills will be of value to you as Healthwatch members and that together we can make a positive difference to the services we receive here in Portsmouth.

Geoff Jacobs

Board Member

Prior to starting my consultancy in 1989, I served on the Executive Management Boards of Rediffusion Radio Systems Limited and Avery-Hardoll Fluid Management Systems.

The combination of practical real-world experience and qualifications are what I am offering the Healthwatch Board. I look forward to making a significant contribution.

Graham Heaney

Board Chair

I have board and committee level experience in a number of organisations. I served as a non-executive director of the Portsmouth Healthcare NHS Trust from 1998 until the Trust was dissolved to form Primary Care Trusts. I was a board member of a higher education college (Highbury), and chaired the Quality Committee responsible for academic achievement. As chairman of the Housing Committee on Portsmouth City Council I developed knowledge of a complex system of local government and implemented policies on tenant participation. I served for two years on the local Community Health Council as a representative for Portsmouth City Council.

From 2004 until 2010 I was a freelance consultant for the Centre for Public Scrutiny helping local authorities and their members to develop their role in health scrutiny. I also worked on the establishment of Local Involvement Networks with a number of local authorities.

Dr. Nick Murdoch

Board Member

Dr Nicholas Murdoch served in the Royal Naval Medical Branch a little in excess of 27 years. As a medical technician he worked alongside a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Alcohol Treatment Unit RN Hospital Haslar for 12 years as a senior lecturer and therapist/supervisor responsible to Head of Department. He was a member of the Surgical Support Team (S.S.T) and was deployed on board HMS Hermes to the South Atlantic on active service in 1982, where he subsequently assisted in the immediate treatment and evacuation of casualties from Ajax Bay Field Hospital to SS Uganda and HMS Hecla. Since leaving the Service he has worked within a psychiatric setting and pursued an academic career, obtaining his PhD at the graduate School of Medicine, University of Southampton in 2008. He is a Research Fellow at the Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth with a Veteran Research focus. He has recently been appointed as Alcohol Advisor to the Veterans Outreach Programme (Portsmouth), is a member of the Hampshire Veterans' Court Diversion and Peer Mentoring Steering Committee and is an expert advisor to the TRiM 4 Veterans (Royal Marines).


Tony Horne

Board advisor from University of Portsmouth

James Sandy

Board advisor from Portsmouth City Council

I act as an advisor to the interim board. I am keen to build on our successful development partnership in the city and to help realise some of its ideas and approaches. My role within the council is to oversee our engagement work and so I am keen to ensure that Healthwatch works to complement existing activities in a way that is both relevant and accessible.I have worked in local government for over twelve years and also for a national enterprise charity and within the private sector.My role is to help connect Healthwatch to relevant council activity and colleagues, as well as link to wider organisations who have a mutual interest in its growing agenda.


Zoe Gray

Board advisor from Learning Links

I am CEO of Learning Links, a social enterprise which empowers people to improve their health, wellbeing and work opportunities. We run the Healthwatch Portsmouth service and were involved in testing how Healthwatch could best make a difference locally in the run up to the new service being set up.

I am passionate about Healthwatch, as I believe that having good information on health and care services enables individuals and carers to make the right choices for them about their health and care, helps them to know and act upon their rights, as well as to influence services.

On the Board, my role is as general advisor,  and I provide guidance on contract requirements.


Fergus Cameron

Senior Advocate Coordinator

Hello, I am Fergus and I recently joined Healthwatch as the Senior Advocate Coordinator, I support people using the NHS complaints procedure. This involves enabling people to express their complaint, get explanations about difficulties in their care, and have an outcome that will help to improve NHS services. I am a Healthwatch member having lived in Portsmouth since coming down from Lincolnshire to the then Portsmouth Polytechnic. My background is in social work, Nurse Education and training in Health and Social care and I hope to bring this together to be an advocate for people needing to make a complaint, had a bad experience, of using NHS services.

Helen Townsend

Information Hub Officer

Hi I’m Helen the Information Hub Officer at Healthwatch Portsmouth. I am responsible for community engagements and volunteers. I also maintain the social media and websites. I've come to Healthwatch with a background at the citizen’s advice bureau and volunteering.

Gage Cox


Hi, I am Gage the new administrator for the Healthwatch team in Portsmouth. My job is to keep records of information that the Healthwatch team is going to gather, record and report useful analytics and stats to show our evidence in the community and how we are performing.

Tom Passarelli


Bio to follow