Update 16 September
Healthwatch Portsmouth has learned from feedback sent in from Portsmouth residents that appointments are not available yet at the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy.  We have also learned that the third site has said to enquirers that it is only able to provide one-off urgent care NHS dental appointments rather than NHS appointments for regular check-ups. We are trying to find out more information and will post here when we receive it.

Following the closure in July of three NHS Dentists operated by Colosseum (at the John Pounds Centre, the Healthy Living Centre in Cosham and 96 Victoria Road in Southsea) the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy will now be offering NHS dental appointments for patients.

We had previously reported that NHS England was in discussion with the Academy.   There is likely to be a third site in Portsmouth offering NHS appts soon to provide further relief to the temporary problem in accessing NHS dental services but there is no specific info yet.

This was reported in the News on Friday – Extra NHS dentists coming for Portsmouth as ‘temporary contract’ is sought with University of Portsmouth