The Care Quality Commission has published a profile of older people’s services in Portsmouth. The profile is based on data held by the CQC at the end of September 2018 and compares Portsmouth’s position against the England averages and a group of 15 comparators; towns found to be most similar to Portsmouth in terms of demographics.

See the full profile – CQC older peoples pathway Portsmouth 2019

• Just under half of Portsmouth care and nursing homes are rated good – significantly below the England and comparators averages
• Satisfaction with adult social care is slightly below the England average and that of the comparators
• Portsmouth people are shown as only having extended access partial provision, the data was compiled in March 2018 before the Lake Road service, which offers full provision, was available
• Acute hospital admissions of people in care and nursing homes was more than 25% less than the England average but general A&E admissions of older people were more than 12% higher than the average
• Hospital bed occupancy was high and around 10% more than the 85% occupancy recommended level
• The length of stay for emergency admissions was worse than average
• Delayed transfer of care was slightly better than average
• Emergency admissions to hospital were almost 10% less than the average. Emergency admissions from care homes were more than a third less than England on average and over 40% less than the comparator towns
• Emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge were on average for the city but emergency readmissions from care homes were less than the average.