Portsmouth Pharmacy Bank Holiday Opening Hours (25.5.20)

Healthwatch have received details of Portsmouth Pharmacy Bank holiday opening hours.  Click on the link to find out opening times for your local pharmacy.

Portsmouth Pharmacy Bank Holiday Opening Hours 25.5.20

Please note: by 5pm today Healthwatch Portsmouth has not received an update on the 5 pharmacies as listed in the opening hours document that were not showing their opening hours.

21 May, 2020|

Support for people dealing with death and dying – information and help

Local Healthwatches have produced a guide to provide an overview of some of the resources available to support people who have lost someone to illness or Covid-19, including bereavement support. These resources can help make sense of the changes to health and social care systems as a result of Covid-19. For those who have lost a loved one, support is available during this difficult time.

We hope the guide and the 2 page summary will be useful:

COVID-19 resource on end of life – Healthwatch Portsmouth

COVID-19 Resource on end of life-  2 page summary Healthwatch Portsmouth




15 May, 2020|

COVID-19 patient experience survey – collecting your local feedback

Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 survey


Your local experience of getting help and advice during the coronavirus pandemic

Health and Social Care services in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight have had to change the support they offer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Healthwatch Portsmouth wants to find out:

  • Are you kept up to date with changes to local services? 
  • Can you get the help and support you need from local services?

Please share your local experiences with us, so we can ensure that those who provide the services understand how these changes they have made are working.

Your answers are anonymous.   Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 survey






14 May, 2020|

Government taskforce to support rough sleepers to keep safe during Coronavirus pandemic

  • A new taskforce has been set up to advise government on the next steps of the emergency response to support vulnerable rough sleepers during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • A team of experts is to advise councils on plans to support rough sleepers into long-term, safe accommodation once lockdown is lifted – preventing the vulnerable from returning to the streets

New Government taskforce on rough sleeping during pandemic

11 May, 2020|