On Saturday 14 September 2019 Queen Alexandra Hospital’s Rheumatology Department will be running a workshop for patients and their families and carers on dealing with pain.

Further information on the workshop from the hospital

While pain is never pleasant, coping with continuous pain can be the hardest part of living with arthritis and connective tissue diseases. It can affect every part of your life, and many aspects of your life can also affect your pain.
“No time for Pain” is a new project being undertaken by the Rheumatology Department to help our patients to self-manage their chronic and persistent pain.

The workshop takes place over 3 hours and is free to attend but must be booked as places are limited (you are welcome to be accompanied by 1 guest – usually partner, family member or carer).

When you attend the “No Time for Pain” Workshop, we aim to share a lot of knowledge that can help you create your own pain management plan.

At the workshop you will:

  • Meet other people who understand what it is like to live with long term pain.
  • Understand the pain and why it becomes long-term
  • Learn new ways of managing everyday activities
  • Improve balance. Get fitter and stronger, and more flexible
  • Make better use of medication
  • Communicate more clearly about pain
  • Prepare a plan for times when pain flares up

Once you know how to effectively address pain, you can stop it from interfering with your home and work life – and breathe a sigh of relief

To register for the workshops email rheumatology.conference@porthosp.nhs.uk  or tel 02392286935

More information on the No time for pain workshop