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Saga SOS is a personal alarm that provides the reassurance that help is available 24-hours a day with one press of a button.

The alarm can be worn as a wristband or pendant, so that it is always with you. If you need help, simply press the button to contact the Saga response team

The response team will arrange the help you need - for example, by contacting your nominated person, or the emergency services.

The service includes the alarm equipment and a response centre who are contacted when you press the alarm button.

You will need to provide details of nominated people who agree to come to your assistance if you need it.

When the response centre are alerted that your alarm button has been pressed, they will first contact you to find out what help you need. If you are unable to pick up the phone, they will assume you are in difficulty and contact your nominated person. If your nominated person is unable to help, they may send the emergency services.

Contact Information
Saga SOS, Freepost SEA13556, Middleburg Square, FolkestoneCT50 1PD
Phone: 0800 068 5059
Cost Of Service:

Monthly charge for the personal alarm and 24-hour monitoring service is £15.95, plus VAT if applicable. 
(Prices checked June 2016)

Self Referal:
  • Yes
Referal Method:

Simply contact Saga directly.