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Portsmouth Sensory Impairment Team work with adults aged 18+ who have a range of sight and or hearing loss. who live within the Poirtsmouth PO1-PO6 area. The team can provide advice and techniques to promote independence and safety whilst completing everyday activities.

The team can provide you with a demonstration of equipment to support every day activities. In some situations equipment may be issued free of charge or they can offer advice on where to purchase items.

Duty Times: Monday-Friday 0830-1200

What does the Sensory Impairment Team do?

We can provide specialist mobility training to a person who has sight loss. We support the person whilst increasing their confidence and skills to go out independently.

We can provide information about clubs, support groups, services and concessions for people with sight/hearing loss.

We can support family/friends who are carers and refer to Portsmouth Carers Centre.

We can provide information on services to help you in your workplace and can sign-post your employers to services/information

Other important information: If your sight or hearing has recently changed, please speak to your GP/Audiologist/Optician for an up-to-date assessment.

Contact Information
Phone: 023 9268 0810
Mobile / Other: 07931 806986
Self Referal:
  • Yes