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AbilityNet has a network of friendly disclosure checked ITCanHelp volunteers who offer free computer support to disabled people and older people.

You may have a problem with viruses, need some help setting up the internet or be confused about updates or error messages. Their volunteers have varied IT skills and may be able to help with computer systems, laptops, tablets and even some smartphones.

What can they help with?

Ability Net's volunteers can help in all sorts of ways, including:

  • choosing equipment to meet your particular needs, with suggestions on computer, adaptations, software or broadband
  • helping install and set up new software, arranging settings and adjusting accessibility options
  • diagnosing problems, malfunctions, viruses or software updates
  • helping you get more form your computer, such as online shopping, video calls to friends, playing music or games....

They can't provide free hardware or software but they will try to help you get the most from your computer

Ability Net also offer:

  • Accessibility services for businesses, charities and public bodies to design and maintain accessible websites.
  • DSA/Student Services
  • Workplace services for disabled people at work.
  • A range of information on computers and technology, and accessibility for disabled people.

If you have IT skills and want to help disabled or older people to make the most of technology, AbilityNet have volunteering opportunities.

Contact Information
Acre House 11-15 William Road, LondonNW1 3ER
Phone: 0800 269 545
Cost Of Service:

There is no charge for IT support.

Self Referal:
  • Yes
Referal Method:

Use the request form on the website to self-refer.