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The Portsmouth Personal Assistant (PA) Noticeboard is not a care agency, but a recruitment tool you can use free of charge to directly employ your own care team. The noticeboard lists both PAs looking for work and Direct Employers looking for a PA.

A personal assistant is someone you employ directly to support you. They might help with personal care, housework, preparing meals, gardening, shopping, helping you get out and about - you write the job description for the support you need, and recruit your PA through the PA Noticeboard.

As a Direct Employer, you will have the same responsibilities as any employer, including paying tax, national insurance and sick pay for your employee. The PA Noticeboard team can help you to understand your responsibilities and the relevant employment law. They can also support you with any aspects of the recruitment process, such as helping to write the job description, accompanying during interviews, or offering a safe, private interview room.

If you're interested in becoming a PA, sign up to the website and see which vacancies might suit you. Because you apply for individual jobs, and the person you care for is your employer, you can choose to apply for the work that suits you, at hours that are convenient.

See "Related Files" for our guide to hiring a PA.

A local employer has created this video to promote the role of a Peronal Assistant working with people with learning disabilities. Claire has a learning disability, and her family support her to live independently using a Direct Payment to hire PAs. Click here to watch the video.

The PA Noticeboard is run by adult social care at Portsmouth City Council. You don't need to be an adult social care client to use the PA noticeboard, but if you need support with personal care and wish to request an assessment of your needs, contact the Adult Social Care helpdesk on 023 9268 0810.

Cost Of Service:

As a Direct Employer, you can choose the wage you offer. By law this must be at least the current national minimum wage, and the PA Noticeboard team can advise on offering a wage appropriate to the nature of the role. There is no charge to use the PA Noticeboard, or for support from the PA Noticeboard team.

Self Referal:
  • Yes
Referal Method:

No referral needed - Contact the PA Noticeboard directly, or just start using the website!